Our Ethos

We’re committed in doing everything we can to be green and sustainable. As the site is based in the beautiful Forest of Dean, the team is very keen to support the Forestry Commission, as well as the environment, to keep these stunning sites available for future generations to enjoy.

Our team is committed to taking action to help reduce unnecessary waste, pollution and simply create minimal negative impact on the global and local environment wherever possible.

Some ways in which we are contributing to this is;

Using sustainable packaging

Much of our packaging (including cups, straws and takeaway boxes) is made from plants and are fully compostable, this means that no matter what bin they are placed in, it will still decompose in a matter of weeks. The award winning company that we work with are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and can also be composted with food waste. They also help to keep our stamp on the hot drink cups by branding them for our Cafe.

Fairtrade produce

We have carefully selected a fine, high quality coffee blend, that not only has a great taste, but also comes with an array of benefits to the local towns and communities where the beans are grown.

Here’s a video with more information on why we chose to use this particular Rainforest Alliance certified bean, that is 100% sustainable.

Rainforest Alliance Hot Chocolate

We serve a fair trade and ethical hot chocolate, which is made with the finest fairtrade cocoa, which delivers a rich and creamy chocolaty drink. (Even better topped with marshmallows and covered in cream!)

We have a great selection of teas available from a family run business called ‘Birchalls’, who are dedicated to a long term commitment to creating absolutely perfectly tasting tea, but are also working hard to ensure that all the teas are sustainably sourced in a manner which respects both the environment and tea producers and, for this reason, Birchalls are a long standing member of the ethical tea partnership.

For more information, please see the link below;

Using Plant Based Cleaning Products

All our chemical products are plant based, ecological and readily biodegradable, made by a British company that is fully sustainable.


Our team aim to recycle as much as possible including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, tins and food waste. This is promoted within our café to encourage customers to help reach our targets.


We encourage our staff to car share or use public transport to get to work where possible. We also like to encourage cycling both to the site and around the parks and many of our staff now choose this option.

Staff and the local community

By employing local people we are helping to support the local economy through the creation of jobs.

We are strong believers in offering local produce and work with many fantastic local producers and suppliers to cut down on road and air miles as well as support local businesses.